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The Kilt
Product code: 111

The Kilt is the most important part of your outfit ,this should be a minimum of 8 yards and fully hand sewn ,not machine made or "hand finished " or" hand made" some of the words used to make you believe they are hand sewn. All of our kilts are fully hand sewn in the traditional fashion, looked after they will be a family heirloom for generations to follow!     We can alter all our kilts up to 8 inches either in or out ,if thats not enough we can completely re-make it, so all is not lost!

THE PRICE from £299.00 IS FOR AN 8 YARD HAND SEWN (13oz) MEDIUM or (16oz) HEAVY WEIGHT KILT ,both weights are very popular. 

A full price list can be viewed on prices & charts page

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Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest
Product code: 112
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The most popular formal style worn with a bow tie ,although the trend at the moment is to add a 5 button vest and a ruche tie (cravat) both cost the same.

 also available in colours.

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Argyll style Jacket
Product code: 113
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A semi-formal outfit to suit most occasions, normally worn with a belt & tie rather than a vest and bow tie, although it is possible to purchase an Argyll 5 button vest.
Also available in colours.

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Crail tweed Jacket & vest
Product code: 114
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A more typical day jacket worn with or without vest

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Tweed vest
Product code: 115
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A range of different Tweeds are available in Argyll, Crail or Braemar styles priced at £199.00 Also Harris tweeds from £275.
Waistcoat is seperate at a price of £88.00

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Frontier Waistcoat
Product code: 119
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A range of more casual looking waistcoats and jackets are available,this one is called the frontier vest it has silver coloured buttons and small tails on the front and back. (buttons can be changed)

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Lowlander Vest
Product code: 120
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A very plain casual looking vest with capped shoulders and 2 button front ,this stule can be made with sleeves for an additional £15.00

Petain vest
Product code: 121
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A Jacobite style vest with toggle buttons.Various colours.

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